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Monday, January 4, 2010

A spool of thread? Seriously?

So for some crazy reason, my great dane (Storm) has a fascination with spools of thread. I came home this evening (first day back at work since before Christmas) and was just wondering how well the dogs had behaved since my hubby had left for work...

So I get in from the garage into the breezeway, closed off from the rest of the house, and I hear the whining start... Storm, of course. I get into the house and she's just bonkers - and Rogue is too. So far no different... So, as every other walk into the house... I start to peer into the living room to see how they've been. It's dark, so I can't quite tell what I'm looking at... but there's definitely somethings strewn all over the floor . Turn the light on, yep, it's the thread again.

What the heck is her fascination with spools of thread? I've caught her at least 4 times now - usually they're just barely chewed and have dents poked throughout the spool. Not this time - she went to town on it... Shreds and shreds of black thread all over and tons of little shards of plastic... Yuck....

Wish I'd gotten a picture of it - I was just too worried about her eating more, I just cleaned it up ASAP. Now that I'm keeping this blog... we'll definitely start documenting these for show. :)


  1. Too funny. One of my dogs like yarn. I wish I had a nickel for every hour I have spent untangling yarn. Your Dane is beautiful - I have one too, his name is Preacher. You can see lots of photos of him on my blog Now I have to go look at your cute dog collars!

  2. If you could only get your dog to sew then she could really make use of her fascination with spools of thread!