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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Getting back to the hospital with Storm

Storm and I went to the hospital last night to do some training for our Therapy visits.  We walked around with another team and got to see all of the different areas of the hospital we are authorized to visit.  Storm was a little nervous and excited...  She wouldn't stand still.  But, it was amazing from the very beginning!

As soon as we walked in from the parking deck, we were stopped by several people in the main area of the hospital.  So many people were just shocked to even see a dog in the hospital!  It was great!  Kids were running towards her, and all you kept hearing was "Awww! Look at that dog!"  Being a Great Dane, she was pretty popular immediately, and so many people were just amazed at her size (I know she's big in other peoples' eyes, but she's actually small for a Dane!)  She loved meeting all the people and getting petted by everyone.  She wouldn't stay still though.  People would want to talk to her and pet her, and she would let them for maybe a few seconds and would start fidgeting.

So, we ended up finally walking around the hallways in the sections of the hospital we were allowed, and she made so many friends with all the nurses and staff at the hospital.  When we'd get near the nurses' station, they would just swarm around us!

One of the last places we went to was the ICU waiting room.  You know these people were in the hospital for their friends & family members with most likely some serious situations... but you couldn't tell when they saw our dogs!  They were the most excited and happy people I've seen!  There were a few kids in there, and they went nuts when they saw the dogs.  It was a great evening!

Next week, we're going again with a team to practice the actual visits in patient rooms!  So, I'll post again with updates after next week's visit!

Storm was definitely pooped after all the excitement for the night... I let her rest on her favorite spot in the house - on the couch next to me!  :)

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  1. Oh congrats, that is a lovely think to do for people!
    Loving your blog, looking forward to seeing more of your lovely doggie