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Thursday, August 19, 2010

First Post on Things I Love for My Dogs

Ok, I've been away from this blog for wayyy to long...  So I'm going to start now on something new I've been wanting to do -- post about things I love for my dogs!!

I'm going to start this off with some awesome fleece toys that I bought a few months ago for my pups from an Etsy shop called Bentley's Bones.

Above is the Rocker Girl color of the fleece ball... which I got for Rogue.  I got the mini size, which is perfect size for Rogue's smaller boxer mouth.  Unfortunately, Storm's giant great dane mouth thinks it is the perfect size for her too.  :/  Poor Rogue!

I got Storm a larger fleece ball (size small) - which was actually HUGE!  It fits great in the mouth of a great dane, but Rogue has no problem just carrying it by the little strips of fleece.  I got Storm's fleece ball in the Strawberry Lime-Aid color shown below:

Definitely a worthwhile purchase.  My girls have had these for several months with only chewing off small small pieces of the fleece!  These things are durable!  Very well made!  :D

So, check 'em out for yourself, I highly recommend them!  Check out the Etsy shop here: