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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Therapy Dog Stories Catch-Up

So Storm and I have now visited the hospital 3 times now visiting patients as a Therapy Dog Team.  It's been pretty cool so far!  I've been meaning to keep tabs on these visits a little more frequently... so we'll do a little catch-up on the 3 sessions we've done:

First Solo Visit
Of course, I was nervous as crap going to the hospital...  But, once Storm started whining from excitement just before we pulled into the parking deck, I knew it was going to be fun.  We walked down the long hallway to the hospital and saw lots of people already.  Everyone wanted to stop and say hi to her.  Storm was unbelievably nervous - tail between her legs the entire night!  But, she did good regardless!

We went into a few rooms and then into another and Storm did something absolutely amazing... She actually climbed into bed with a patient!!  And, keep in mine, this is a 100 lb. Great Dane!  The woman asked me if Storm would have wanted to go up in the bed.. and I immediately said "Probably not... she's been really nervous."  But, the woman proceeded to pat her hand on the bed and Storm climbed on up - one giant foot at a time!  So unbelievably touching!!  The woman loved just snuggling with her - it was the best first visit ever!!

Visit #2 - Should I have gone in there?
Was a pretty routine visit - in and out of rooms like normal.  Storm was definitely getting more comfortable with the place.  Even wagged her tail a few times in the hallway!  She really loves the nurses and hospital staff there!  It's funny how sooo many people know her by name and come out to see her!

The one interesting visit happened about halfway through our 2-hour shift... The usual routine is to knock on any open patient door and ask them if they'd like a visit with a therapy dog.  So, I did the usual and asked.  The younger man proceeded to ask what a therapy dog does, etc. until Storm came around the corner and he just exclaimed, "Whoa!"  He was very happy to see her, and asked all sorts of questions.  As I got her up to the bed to let him pet her, I noticed something...  He was handcuffed to the bed!!  Then I realized the guy sitting in the chair next to the bed was a police officer!!  Yikes, totally was not what I was expecting!!  I played it cool and didn't make it obvious that I noticed the handcuffs... but man, when I stepped out of the room, I had to take a breather!!  LOL  But, all was just fine, the patient was very nice and seemed to really enjoy the visit - but MAN...  totally wasn't expecting that one!

Visit #3 - Storm saw Grandpa working!
My dad just happens to work Security at the hospital we do the Therapy visits at... so we picked a perfect night to visit, as he was working!  And Storm was hilarious when she saw him!  When Storm is "working" she is a completely calm and actually more nervous than anything.  As I've said before - she usually has her tail between her legs...  :)

But, last night, when she saw her Grandpa - she went absolutely NUTS!!  Hopping around, trying to jump, propeller tail (yep, the tail spins like a propeller!).  So funny!  You can tell she loves her Grandpa!

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  1. Fascinating topic! Your dog is beautiful too! Come check out mine on my blog. It's her birthday today;
    Happy Birthday, Carmella!